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Friday, March 5, 2010

Time is NOW to Speak Out on Health Care Reform

I consider myself a health care reform advocate. It is a deeply personal issue to me and my family. I am also informed. I owe it to myself and my family and future generations to keep informed be researching the facts and rising above the rhetoric. There are several individuals and organizations I feel are also fighting the uphill battle of keeping informed and spreading the current news on HCR. I will be posting links to those sites at the bottom of this post.


What is happening now in YOUR government, of the PEOPLE and FOR THE PEOPLE is historic and YOU can make a difference. Please do not sit idle. PLEASE MAKE NOISE.
It is apparent from the past few months of bickering and partisanship that the majority of our elected leaders are not doing what is best for WE, THE PEOPLE. We are at a pivotal point in HCR. It has basically come down to now or never. And P.S. I do not claim that this HCR bill is perfect. What I will say is this:
This issue is too important to our country to ignore. We need Health Care for all, and we need it now. Pass this HCR legislation. It can (and should)be tweaked later, the very same way every administration tweaks legislation and programs re: Taxes, Education, Energy,etc.

Today, President Obama is asking you to make yourself heard: Link to video:

President Obama "Make your Voices Heard NOW on Health Care Reform":

Other Links to help you MAKE NOISE.

How to Contact your Senator or Congressman

Senate: (Search box top right of page)
Congress: (Zip code search box top left of page)

Then A) send them an email TODAY B) call them TODAY C) send them a good old fashioned letter TODAY! JUST MAKE SOME NOISE!
Let them know that the time is NOW; to step up and do the right thing.... FOR THE PEOPLE, BECAUSE HEALTH CARE REFORM IS THE RIGHT THING TO DO!

Here is an link to an article "Ten people who could decide health care reform"

Please read this list. If any of your representatives are listed, it is especially important for you to contact them TODAY. Even if your representative is not listed, pick one or two (or all) on this list and email/call/contact TODAY and let them know how vitally important health care reform is, to you, and to our country.
Put politics aside, vote for an issue that will strengthen our country and allow WE THE PEOPLE to move forward and be the best we can be.

Other links On Health Care Reform:

National Small Business Association

Video "450,000 Physicians Can't be Wrong"

Socialism!? Not really--definitions and facts:

Blue Cross Blue Shield KC on Board with HCR

Want more information--timeline where we are and how to get involved now?
Health Care For America NOW:


Advocacy for Patients with Chronic Illness

@WorkWithIllness Chronic Illness Career Coach

As always, I welcome your comments and questions...

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