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Monday, May 30, 2011

We have landed!

It’s a far cry from Chicago….

Our first Spring in Merced, Ca has been full of delightful surprises and although the “natives” here claim that it has been a cold, wet spring, we are relishing the mild temperatures, bright sunshine and cool evenings that enticed us to relocate our family here.

We are thrilled to have harvested three green beans from our home garden already, have healthy cucumbers on the vine and a variety of thriving tomato plants. In Chicao, May 15th was the absolutly earliest you “should” plant and there was still a risk of losing your garden to frost (and even freeze).

Suffice to say, we feel like we are living in gardening nirvana.

Things are hopping at “The Gardens” and Brad has been busy meeting local suppliers, growers and most importantly, customers, who we hope will become long time friends. We have been warmly welcomed by the community and are delighted when people stop by and comment on how nice the place looks. Brad has been working hard to ensure that we are well stocked with all variety of spring planting needs. We are meeting local growers and suppliers and look forward to learning the ebb and flow of the seasons as we continue to gain knowledge of the local planting and harvesting cycles.

This week we are busy planning our Grand Reopening & Parking Lot Clearance Sale. Think of it as “The Gardens” spring cleaning sale. We will be offering many varieties of roses, fruit trees, shrubs and planting materials, all priced to move from our garden to yours!

Bring Dad by and have him pick out his own Father’s Day gift, or purchase him a Merced Gardens gift certificate. The sale starts at 8:00 am Friday and Saturday. We will be serving refreshments throughout the day. Stop by and visit us at 1007 Tahoe Street in Merced