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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Affordable Health Care Act Revisited? Why?

It is a shame that John Boehner and the GOP are wasting millions of taxpayer dollars (OUR MONEY) on political posturing and blowing hot air over an issue that was debated, passed by both House and Senate and signed by the President in December.

The Affordable Care Act will not be repealed. The Senate will stop it or President Obama will. It is a done deal, good for our country and citizens.

What is wrong with the GOP is that they think it is a good idea to revisit this issue when our country desperately needs leadership and consensus in the areas of job creation, immigration and economic growth. Shame on the GOP for NOT focusing their time on what really matters TODAY.

The political slogan we need to remember and revisit is "Change we can Believe in"

The GOP obviously STILL has not gotten the message as they insist on continuing their legacy of SOSO politics (Same Old Same Old political posturing).....what a waste.

Fed up with wasteful and inept leaders?....Tell them so---speak up--speak out

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Friday, January 7, 2011

Congress is making me Ill

Congress is making me ill.

They say that stress is bad for your health.
I am chronically ill, and the mother of a son with Marfan Syndrome. I consider myself an expert in Healthcare. And I am sick.
It is time for me to step up and say that the #GOP is making me sicker. Literally.

Because I am so passionate about our country, and because so much of our households survival depends on the availability of affordable healthcare, I feel compelled to speak up about what the #GOP is doing right now, their first week in the new session of Congress.
Instead of moving forward and helping to support small business growth (which many economists say is the true way to stimulate growth and create jobs) the #GOP is revisiting the Affordable Heathcare Act that passed, with majority and the basic overall approval of the country. The #GOP wants to repeal the Affordable Health Care Act completely, Point Blank.

No one on either side of the aisle thinks that the Affordable Health Care Act is perfect. It isn’t. It needs tweaking. As does Medicare (reducing fraud for starters) which would make it stronger. And Social Security (raising the annual limit) and instituting a cap on income to qualify to collect after the age of 65.

The #GOP wasting our tax dollars debating Healthcare Reform at this juncture is irresponsible, and down right detrimental to the whole spirit of the country. But more importantly, it is a slap in the face to many of their own constituents. The #GOP needs to man up and grow up and take care of BUSINESS, starting with the economy.
And when doing so, do not take defense spending off the table. If you have an efficient machine, then that machine can be trimmed down, made tighter and leaner, yet still provide the greatest national security and armed forces in the world.
The #GOP needs to regroup, create jobs, elevate education, and tackle the immigration issue.
Let Affordable Health Care settle in and tweak it as issues arise. Do not create side issues, diversions and waste our tax dollars on not moving forward….today.
Leave OUR Affordable Health Care Act alone.
Prioritize better.

Because, frankly, the stress is killing me.
There are too many people still out of work.
There are too many people still without affordable health insurance.
We need to protect our borders while reducing crimes along it.
We need to take care of each other, as a nation, create jobs and opportunities within our borders and share that production with the world. This is what will make us a great country again.

I'm just sayin....