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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

YES, I wear size 11 And You're Point???!

My Marfamily recently inquired about larger sized UGGS for women. One of the hall marks of Marfan syndrome is long feet. Not so easy on ladies. My large feet have been a challenge all my life. I am answering their specific question about UGGS from my own personal experience.
Nordstrom carries UGGs in extended sizes but they are expensive and their sale prices are not too great. However, if you live near a Nordstorm Rack they have shelves and shelves of extended sizes, shoes, boots, sandals--everything year round. Look for the best prices off season.
Not only do they carry extended sizes of UGG, they have a huge variety....they have great sale prices AND they have a huge variety. Best yet--ALWAYS free shipping (both ways if you return items).
And no, I do not work for either of them.
Buy shoes for my size 11's there and am big fan!

I have other "shoe" resources that I can share if you wish. Just ask in comments.
But tonight I am exhausted and packing and sorting and supervising and needing a rest. lol