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Friday, February 4, 2011

Chronic shoveling.

Snowed in and disabled is not an easy condition to manage.

Chicago Blizzard of 2011

The whole country watched, and the news and the Chicago Red Cross tweets kept us all safe and apprised of the situation. It was disconcerting at times when the wind gusted to 50+ mph to realize that there was just 18 inches and a little bit of wood, brick, and insulation keeping us safe and warm during a 22 inch blizzard. But with a few days advance warning and good preparation, we and most others made it through just fine.

The aftermath….now that is another story.

Since I am disabled and so is my son, most of the leg work managed in this household is done by my husband. And although he is young(ish) and stays in shape attending the gym regularly, he has had three hip replacement surgeries and a knee replacement.

If we were employed, we would have a service to shovel/plow. We don’t, so he’s "it."

The sheer volume of snow that needed moving was daunting. There have been times where we “dug out” together, or tag team….not anymore. There is no easy way to ask or help. It has never been easy for us. This week I asked for help and am so thankful to the neighbors who pitched in.

Matt brought a snow plow and the brute strength of youth. Jim and Margie, though closer to us in age, are blessedly much healthier (Margie ran the marathon last summer) and brought compassion and shovels.
We may not be able to move much snow

We can bake. And we make a great team in the kitchen. Paula Deen would be proud---so much “Real Butter”!

So here are pics of some treats we made for the neighbors to thank them for their help.


Our house is still available for sale so these wonderful neighbors can be yours next…complete with a fenced yard…snowbanks not included.

Thank you Matt (Nicole and Vincent)
Thank you Jim and Margie.