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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Rough Week?

If you did not end your week with a 4 lb cat dangling from his claw painfully embedded your right nipple, you had a better week than I did!

Knee Blow-0ut & Rib Party
Ribs are not the only things he likes.
My week started with an emergency MD trip where hubs had 34 cc of fluid drained from his knee (it blew up for no apparent reason). In between, while preoccupied caring for hubs, our pure white Maltese managed to get into leftover ribs and have a BBQ party all over himself, the kitchen floor and into his crate (housed in the carpeted living room of course). Can you spell MAJOR CLEAN UP TIME?

Wind, Leaves & No Heat
Also included in this fun filled week: The day before my hubs hurt his knee, he removed the pool cover to add winterizing chemicals. That night we had a raging windstorm that blew a massive quantity of leaves into the now uncovered pool and brought us our first frost of the season. This necessitated moving plants and covering fruit trees. (can you spell SPONDYLOLISTHESIS ouch!) The aforementioned pool remains partially uncovered and full of leaves.
And BONUS....Our furnace is not functioning and without funds to repair, our home temperature ranges between 60 - 64 degrees...thank God we live in California.

Nipple Incident Revealed:
Innocent looking offender.
We have a very frisky 5 month old "kitten" named Shiloh. He brings much joy into our household. He gets quite excited to see me first thing in the morning. While getting my first cup of coffee of the day, Shiloh bounded into the kitchen and did a flying leap, ostensibly into my arms. This is a "new" trick" so I was unprepared for his acrobatic assault and as he hit me chest high, he attempted to grab on with his paws. While sliding down the front of my nightgown (it was the first cup of coffee of the day remember?) he managed to embed his very sharp left paw into my very large right breast and dangled there while I, screaming in alarm and pain, attempted to gingerly lift him, removing said embedded claw from my bleeding nipple. How I managed to do so without spilling a drop of coffee is beyond my memory recall.  All the while, crutch impaired hubs was sitting at his computer in the kitchen seriously trying not to laugh. By the time I extricated the cat, and showed him my wound (nipple exposure over morning coffee woohoo!) we were both laughing so hard we scared the offending cat away. BTW- If I were a Real Housewife of Beverly Hills I would have been knocking on Adrienne and Paul's mansion door requesting immediate intervention for nipple repair. Since I am a Real Housewife of Merced, I cleaned it, slapped on some antibiotic ointment and proceeded  to finally enjoy my first cup of coffee of the day.

It's Good for Balance
There is a fine line between laughter and hysteria....which we dance along quite often these days--it's good for balance.

If you had a rough week too, tell me about it! If I made your week a little bit better by making you smile, leave a comment and let me know.  It's kind of lonely doing this balancing act here!