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Monday, March 8, 2010

Saving Healthcare Reform

How we can Save Health Care Reform:

People come from all over the world NOT for our Health Care, THEY COME FOR OUR DOCTORS who are the best in their fields, Worldwide.

What we are missing in this version of HCR is the public option.
Well here is a plan.
Pass this bill and then tweak it. There are over 40 million people that need affordable health care. Those in that group who are disabled already qualify for Medicare. So they are getting public option care already.

It seems to me that a good number of people needing affordable health care are not ill. They are young graduates, out of work after college with bills to pay and no one to hire them. They can not stay on parents policy, yet they can not find a job that has benefits. Another segment of the population that would benefit from a public option are be entrepreneurs. Entrepreneur/small business owners who can not afford to insure their employees (let alone themselves and their family) without one of the spouses working somewhere with good benefits. But that particular American dream is fast becoming history.

We are talking about a pool of 43 million and I don't buy that they are all sick. If there were an affordable public health care option, then more people would be able to start small businesses without the fear of going broke due to medical costs. Has the news not been saying that to save the economy, we have to spur small businesses growth? Wouldn't having a public option available to small businesses give them another option for insurance. And don't choices in insurance mean competition. And isn't competition good for keeping costs down?

Oh - but there is no public option so where will it come from?

OK, in plain language THERE is a PUBLIC OPTION DELIVERY AND PROCESS SYSTEM already in place--
Medicare is so sacrosanct that the Republicans do not want it touched. OK but there are plenty of revisions to Medicare (truly a bipartisan agreement) that need to be done.
Do the Medicare reforms and make the program more efficient and effective. Run it like an insurance companies would, but instead of lining the pockets of board members and stockholders with profits, pour them back into making the system even better and more efficient. Give the insurance companies competition and give the US citizens choice! Choice between Aetna, BCBS or USA.

Using an already existing "delivery system" means efficiency and not "re-inventing the wheel".

Pass Health Care Reform and then tweak it. Tweak it to the new, streamlined and efficient Medicare: the true public option (that already has an existing infrastructure and delivery system).

BTW If you pass HCR and the groups I have mentioned(college grads, entremprenuers, small business owners, chronically ill) are positively affected and there is growth in the economy--you won't have to worry about re-election.

And wait there is more:

Use the new efficient and prosperous MEDICARE for all Government employees. That's their health care plan. Or they can buy private individual policies from insurance companies. Oh Gosh. Would that make MEDICARE the single largest one payer provider in the US? Maybe. And who likes efficient large, single payee groups? Well hospitals and doctors. The very same doctors people come from all over the world to see. More providers will join the list as Medicare providers (considering it would be the largest "single payer" to PROVIDERS). And with competition,MEDICARE would be able to pay Physicians fairly and competitively.

Make the already existing system more efficient, effective and economical. Start phasing people in as suggested in the current HCR Bill with one major addition: The first group to be able to "buy in" should also include the chronically ill. Some have private insurance thru spouses or parents, but many chronically ill fall between the gap that would cover someone in college and the ability to get it on their own after college.

Use the majority that you have now to pass HCR.
And the stronger majority you will get subsequently to tweak HCR.

Put the US back in USA. Listen to the people.

No Name Calling, No Tea,

No looking over your shoulder,

For our children
and beyond

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