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Saturday, October 31, 2009

A Tale of Two Cookies

This is a story of two cookies. One cookie lives in Los Angeles. He is quite large at over 12 inches in diameter and decorated in frosting depicting the finest of Halloween. He is a proud cookie. As he looks around in the bakery section he sees no finer cookie. He is sure he will be bought and taken to someone's home and be a much appreciated tasty holiday pleasure.

The other cookie is from New York. He is a small cookie. This small cookie sits atop a mound of other small cookies of varying shapes that have all been similarly decorated to celebrate Halloween. The small cookie is no where near as grandiose as the large cookie but he also feels that decked out in his pumpkin finery, he and his plate-mates will also bring holiday pleasure to some family soon.

As unlikely as it seems and although they come from different coasts, both of these cookies are destined for the same family in Illinois. This family in Illinois has been having some difficulties of late so a relative from each side of their family decides to purchase them a special holiday treat and mail it to them. Both purchase their favorite treats and put them in a USPS Priority shipping box.

One day before Halloween, both surprise treats arrive at their destination
in Illinois: The proud Mega-sized decorated Cookie and the plate full of small but wonderfully decorated cookies.

But alas, upon opening the treats it is obvious that something had gone awry.
The proud large finely decorated cookie arrived at it's new home shattered. It was a crumbly mess of has-been frosting decor and small pieces of cookie that had been battered and beaten much like sea glass when it spends a decade in the ocean.

On the other hand, the small cookie perched atop the tray of other finely decorated treats arrived in perfect condition. Small but proud he sat high on the pile and accepted the oohs and aahs of pleasure at his arrival. He knew he would be a welcome holiday treat in his new home!

The difference?? Although shipped in the same box, via the same USPS:

The tray of small cookies had been thoughtfully surrounded with small Styrofoam peanuts, while the large cookie had not.

Now the moral of this story could very well be that a little bit of thought goes a long way when shipping a fragile item. HOWEVER, this is not a story about the foibles of shipping. (I think you could find many of those on EBAY if you wish!)

This is a story about thoughtful gifts to others who are having a bit of a rough time. The thankfulness and the genuine pleasure at the surprise and kindness it bespeaks. And the gratitude that our Illinois family feels for all the love and support.

Oh, and the crumbled cookie? It still tastes pretty good---especially when you put some in a bowl and cover it with milk and eat it like a bowl of chocolate chip cereal! Happy Halloween!

Thanks Aunt Lynn

Thanks Aunt Monika

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