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Friday, September 4, 2009

Too many People, Places and Things

There has been a mushroom effect in my life as of late---yes, this is a GOOD thing. As a result I have started this blog in an attempt to gather all the wonderful people (family, friends and frienemies), places (online and on land), and things (causes, objects d'art, miscellany) here. Hopefully this will help relieve some of the everyday frantic switching from FB, aol, NMFConnect, Twitter, ---catch my drift? Honestly, I do not know if this will work. It may help a little, it may help a lot, or it could backfire and add one more place I need to maintain. And I do not have any idea how long it will take until this space reflects at least a basic "shell" of information that I envision. But I hope, more than anything, that this space will inform. The life path that has been laid in front of me as of late, although curvy, winding and muddy, has proven to harbor a treasure trove of wonderful people and web sites who are embracing "life" "living" and "giving" in a way that is both powerful and inspiring. Hopefully, while I am attempting to streamline the many "communication mediums" that threaten to spiral me into a chaotic and a frantic existence, you will meet some of these people, places and things....may they touch and inspire you, the way they have touched and inspired me.

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